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About NEW Base Marine Engines

The GM base marine engines that Michigan Motorz offers are the EXACT engines that MerCruiser, Volvo Penta, Marine Power, Crusader, Indmar, PleasureCraft Engine Group (PCM), OMC, etc., purchase directly from GM Marine Powertrain.

Genuine base marine engines are marinized by GM Marine Powertrain and include marine oil pan, valve covers, circulation pump, harmonic balancer, cylinder heads and all internal parts, including marine specific parts. OEM's (MerCruiser, Volvo Penta, Marine Power, etc.) purchase these engines from GM and install their own unique accessories (such as exhaust manifolds, ignition systems, etc.), thereby creating their own private label marine engine.

BRAND NEW means exactly that... BRAND NEW. Michigan Motorz offers these brand new engines and they include a one-year limited warranty. Please call for details: (248) 524-9600.

NEW Base Marine Engines

View 4.3L Vortec Base Marine Engine (1996-2016)

$3,975.00 $3,059.00

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View 5.0L (305ci) Base Marine Engine (1987-1995 Replacement)

$3,199.00 $2,859.00

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View 5.7L (350ci) Base Marine Engine (1967-1986 Replacement)

$3,489.62 $2,799.00

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View 5.7L (350ci) Base Marine Engine (1987-1995 Replacement)

$4,399.00 $3,499.00

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View 6.0L L96 Base Marine Engine

6.0L L96 Base Marine Engine

Item Number: 051124

$6,899.00 $5,199.00

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View 6.2L MerCruiser Base Engine (2016-2019)


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View 8.2L (502 ci) Bare Block

8.2L (502 ci) Bare Block

Item Number: 8200-Block

$3,379.00 $2,749.00

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